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Sisters bringing magic + sustainability to weddings and events

Hi! We are Erin and Kellie, sisters on our second business venture together with a mission to make all of life's moments look and feel magical, while creating a more sustainable wedding and events industry.

After bringing a dreamy wedding to life for Erin and her husband, we decided we wanted to to bring that same feeling to others. 

Why we Started Cedar + Sage Rentals

To create an unforgettable vibe for your wedding or event.

To bring sustainability to weddings and events by encouraging renting instead of buying new.
Bonus: you won't be stuck trying to sell all of your wedding-related items after the big day!

To minimize the work for you so that you can enjoy your day.

To support the community by shopping local + donating a portion of every rental to Autism Awareness.


A Little More About us

Erin is a BCBA, helping to enrich the lives of children on the spectrum. Outside of work, you can find her running or hiking with her English Lab puppy, Grizzly and her husband, Billy. 

Kellie works at NJ wedding venues, Rock Island Lake Club and Bear Brook Valley as the social media coordinator. 

A few of our favorite things:
Ice cream | Exercise | Travel | Bruce Springsteen | Dave Matthews Band


Frequently asked questions

Where do you get your inventory from?

Our inventory is sourced from antique shops, Facebook Marketplace, and friends and family. We strive to only buy secondhand in an effort to prevent waste.

Do you offer set up and styling?

Yes, every piece you rent from Cedar and Sage is set up and styled by our team. You shouldn't have to worry about moving furniture on your wedding day! Set up and styling is included in the rental pricing.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver all of your selected pieces to your event location. Delivery is 25% of the total rental order. Example: total rental order is $1000; the delivery fee is $250.

Are there any additional fees?

If your event is outside of our service area of 25 miles from Lafayette, NJ, there will be additional fees.

Do you collaborate in styled shoots?

Yes, but we do require: - That there be a written agreement between all of the vendors involved ensuring that we receive the photos and will be given proper credit on social media, and websites. - That a timeline, shot list, and vendor list is provided ahead of the shoot. - That the photographer will take photos of our pieces as a full set, as well as individual and detailed shots.

Do you offer self pick up?

It depends on the item(s) that you are renting. Reach out to us and we'll let you know!

Why should I rent from Cedar + Sage?

  • Renting rather than buying saves you money and also helps save the Earth!
  • We donate a portion of every rental to Autism Awareness.
  • You'll avoid being stuck with a bunch of party supplies/candle holders/table numbers that you no longer need after your event. {Trying to sell on Facebook Marketplace is a pain in the ass}.
  • Other than delivery, there are no additional fees.
  • Set up and styling is included in our pricing.
  • Kellie works at two of NJ best wedding venues (Rock Island Lake Club and Bear Brook Valley) aka she knows how to create an awesome event!
  • We are over-the-top appreciative and excited for every single person we have the pleasure of working with ♡